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This review I’m going to review 5 popular food products in the Indian market which are being intensively market I feel that most people are unaware if these food products and good for them talking not so this is my home when the band that I want to make this clear that this we deal has north main sponsored by any of these 5 or did on potatoes these 100 books and my honest reviews so without any further delay let’s get started.


the Indians are formal feeding but we enjoyed with but on power tools and when I DO for their dishes however many people these days are a warning but a and switching like nuclear light is a fax grand room wondered as I India and delicious alternative to what really let us find out if we compare the nutritional information of a movie but on with new car light show only new related looks better as it is low in saturated fat and cholesterol but when we come banded ingredients the story changes a little bit but that is only extracted from when we had as new perlite is made from refined vegetable oils which are definitely not a healthy source of fat apart from this new perlite has emulsifiers preservatives Cassidy dealing with it does start sequestering agents colors and labels it is actually not pretty strange below that you relate has.

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so many chemicals added in this is because the refined oils and liquid at room temperature and a lot of chemical processing including hydrogenation needs to be done to make them to select you ladies basically marketing made to look like but what about our when consumed in moderation does offer certain tend benefits like marketing is a processed food and hardly has any effect of course new light has certain ended with them and still make it look in the but it is not more than a marketing strategy and new delayed is cheaper than almond butter because it has she been so if you ask me on any given day.


is 1 of the most popular energy drinks not only in India but the lawyers for 6000000000 gallons of sort of a cross 170 countries in just 1 but why the case is it really worth it let’s see first of all it is for less energy drink because it has caffeine in it to 50 ML offer and will Dan has 75 milligrams of caffeine which is almost people that 1 Cup of coffee it also has a small amount of chlorine because no 1 essential amino acids when here something unique justice to 5:00 PM and can offer and we will give you 28 grams of 28 grams of sugar in once a week is full height at on boarding with this this is what it is loaded with got my next Thursday opting for should give me cause to neutralize it the very high doses of sugar along with caffeine and other give me because it makes a very.

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Overdose over and what is dangerous and can cause high blood pressure and heart palpitations considering it’s ended 2 major and harmful stimulants it was at times even banned in many countries Red Bull gives you wings and this is one of the company sees yeah it might give you brings photo by but it takes a lot from you in my opinion it is among the lowest beverages that but definitely not for students as the company suggests and if you want an instant energy did you can have a Cup of black coffee act which would hardly cost to replace 3 you need not raised 0 rupees on right.


probiotics and getting popular and so is the upward yep what is being marketed as a bring that loves you despite the company promises that he got bored is a probiotic drink whose daily consumption improves day justice system and helps bring.

Robotics and would be PTO which keeps our digestive system has the by controlling the growth of calm for the media and just once more 65 women more to Lafayette contains 6.5000000000 probiotic put pedia sounds good isn’t it letters go towards ingredients and nutritional information Donald which is made from sugar Google’s skim milk powder natural flavor walk out and and see is the probiotic but the ingredients are old game but here’s the problem just 1 small 65 amenable to Lafayette will give you living grams official the which is almost 3 teaspoons of sugar of course who has good bacteria to live longer 17 grams of sugar bug 0 and my looking at school that’s even higher than that and more a little bit maybe believe Johnson’s of developing a law degree actions to learn new wikipedia at 840 I’m not a day’s vehicle neither I’m sorry you convince you might sometimes but the consumer does our daily probiotic supplement is not more than a marketing gimmick no doubt robotics at important for good health looking the Indians have 1 of these means taking them tool for code is 1 of the best sources of probiotics having 200 grams of code mixed with 1 teaspoon of Jack Griffo empty stomach is the best probiotic need you can ever even other fermented food items like the doors are locked out and because are good sources of Rolex at

horlicks protein plus

brooding blows my hot licks has a decently and go to the Indian market and is getting pretty bold letters competed for that offering was will be next completing the ingredients hardly exploding plus is a blend of 3 different types of proteins namely via concentrate solely isolated and Cassie read as will be next originally is made from just being a protein-protein mix also has marked extract and modern extreme which is thankfully not present and often exploding plus so definitely Horlicks programs less has better quality of proteins.

And other ingredients but 0 grams whole exploding bless has 23 grams of sugar beet as groovy next has 31 grams of sugar the amount of vitamins and minerals is similar in bold completing their prices 400 grams of protein explique lost to almost 530 to please wait as the same quantity of 4 licks probing will cost you please for 95 clearly Horlicks probing glass is a better choice yes it cannot be easy would will be improving supplements but if you want a little 1 budget it can really be myself if you use it smartly the

Patanjali aloe vera juice

All that we all know the numerous health benefits that and only to do so Phyllis this is the reason it is among the most selling products might put on Julia wait what are they really sending a day next bill if we look at the back of the label it sees each spend them a lot contains 9.4 M. A. loft and a bit on tools rest 0105 PM and includes excipients and preservatives surely did want to be is quite less than the people they love it however 1 exit is that catches my eye is sent on them it is a food additive which is used as a note and a stabilizer the level of consumption all send them down make or status this means that sent them home which was added only for the aesthetic purposes is hindering the major benefit of a little bit I do which is put a dish obviously it is best if you can get the real elementals straight from the source I know does not practically impossible for most of us so

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